Our Goals

As a church we will focus our efforts in the following four areas, whilst prayerfully seeking God's guidance and blessing for the future, and recognising the reality of our current limitations and financial constraints:

Goal 1: Prayer

We want to be in tune with God's will for our church.
To achieve this we will focus on:

  • Developing existing and new opportunities for praying together, such as prayer meetings and the healing space, and explore the potential for prayer cells;
  • Praying for those involved in the work of the church, such as group leaders;
  • Encouraging ourselves and others to share ideas and concerns for prayers, both globaaly and close to home;
  • Creating physical space for prayer;
  • Exploring the potential for prayer cells and ways to share prayer requests.

Goal 2: Share the adventure of following Jesus

We want people to know God's love and the reality of following Jesus.
To achieve this we will focus on:
  • Helping people to grow and mature in their faith;
  • Providing teaching to help people develop spiritually, such as the series on Values;
  • Building and expanding our existing groups where people can share and learn together, such as home groups, the Book club, Alpha course;
  • Supporting individuals and organisations to share the adventure, E.g. Partnership with Open Doors, BMS, the Foodbank and those helping the homeless shelter.
  • Recognising everyone has a role to play in inviting people to follow Jesus.

Goal 3: Grow the Church

We would like to see our church grow numerically to sustain it into the future.
To achieve this we will focus on:
  • Building relationships with those of all ages who already have contact with the church;
  • Improving our engagement with exisiting groups - Brigades and their families, Toddle Inn and their families, Womens' Own, Lunch Club, Thirsty Group etc. through activities such as serving tea and coffee on Brigades' nights, chatting to parents at parade services; special services targeted at these groups;
  • Creating more opportunities to meet and get to know people on a one to one basis, such as lunches, quiz nights, BBQs and other social events in addition to the events we already hold;
  • Devloping a culture of genuine welcome (as per Our Values) and ensure people are valued and encouraged to get involved in church life.

Goal 4: Raise awareness and improve communication

We want people in our growing village to know we are here and for those who come along to know what's happening.
To achieve this we will focus on:
  • Developing our website and social media presence;
  • Improving our propery signage;
  • Making better use of village and library notice boards, and the Moulton Scene;
  • Reaching out to those moving into the village and ensuring new homes receive a welcome pack;
  • Taking steps to improve communications to those already engaged in church, but who we would like to see more involved and committed.